• Apartamentos en Santa Eulalia
  • Apartamentos en Santa Eulalia
  • Apartamentos en Santa Eulalia

Awaken your senses

The Ibicencan cuisine is very varied and original. They mostly use fish, seafood, rice, meats, vegetables, tubers, beans, lentils, and fruits. Simple dishes, fresh and healthy, which reflect the culture and the history of the island.

The most typical dishes are the fish stews, delicious fish stew and sea food. The ibicencanlangostine, La burrida de ratjada (fish cooked with chopped almonds).

Rices prepared from the meat of the pig, full of intense flavour. Festive plates, typical for celebrations include sofritpages, a typical meat stew and dish elaborated with potato, sobrasada and buttifarro (typical Ibicencan sausages).

Quick and simple dishes like toasted bread with tomato, oil and salt accompanied by fresh meats and cheeses, bread and alioli (garlic sauce), square pastries full with meat, fish or vegetables, they are  also known as cucarrois.

Ibiza is also known for it´s typical desserts, famous for it´s sweet cheesecake made with herbs known as flao, without forgetting the typical ibicencan donuts (buñuelos), and of course graixonera made with milk and finally ensaimadas which are sweet pastries.

The wines in Ibiza are among the best in the mediterranian, with rich deep aromas, production is limited but the wines are of excellent quality. Perfect for accompanying any local dish.

In lbiza you can find typical liquors such as Frigola, an elaborate liquor made with thyme, Palo is another typical liquor and finally the famous HierbasIbicencas created with a grand variety of herbs from the land macerated in anis. The herbs in the HierbasIbicencas are digestive and ideal for having after eating, served either cold with ice or natural.